Aleat CSP in Albania

Aleat - Trust Management Infrastructure (PKI eID) 

The Aleat Trust management infrastructure, called PKI eID is a public key infrastructure (PKI) provided and operated by Aleat Sh.p.k.

Digital certificates delivered by PKI eID and stored on the electronic identity card of every Albanian citizen, respectively permit to officially identify / authenticate Albanian citizen to access online services and to be able to sign documents digitally.

The usage and limitations of those digital certificates are communicated to every Albanian citizen when the digital certificates are created and stored in identity card.

PKI eID implements a domain of trust and facilitates the online authentication of each citizen to Albanian government and private online service providers.

Aleat Sh.p.k is registered as a Certificate Service Provider (CSP) from National Authority for Electronic Certification (NAEC).

Check here the link to the AKCE / NAEC CSP Registry.