Why do I need Card Readers?
In order to use the eALEAT Services the Platform will ask for connection with a Card Reader. The ID Card needs to be read in a proper Card Reader. Albanian ID Card is tested and certified to be used with the eALEAT Card Readers that are officially presented and sold in the Albanian Market. 

Where can I buy them?
You can buy any of the Card Readers in the Vodafone Shops. Please ask the Sales person for what type of Card Reader you are interested. 

What Card Reader is good for me?
According to your needs you can best find your Card Reader. If you are a home user check one of the two card readers for Home Users (Basic and PIN Secure). If you are business check the POS card reader or the eALEAT Tablet. 

My PC has a Card Reader?
If your PC has a Card Reader you may only use the Authentication Service, but it will depend on the reader type if adapted to read Albanian ID Card. For the Document Signing, eALEAT Platform will request an eALEAT Card Reader which is tested and certified for usage.


My ID Card is damaged?
If your ID card is damaged physically you cannot use for eFunctions. The card reader will read the chip of the ID card. In case your chip is unreadable, renew your ID card. Get a ID card voucher at the Post Office and go at your Aleat Service Point (your CSO) and apply for a new ID card. Your damaged ID card should be also given to the operator during the enrolment. You cannot have a second ID card without providing the previous damaged ID card.

I have changed some personal data, should I change my ID card/Passport?
In case you change one or some of your personal data you need to change your Identity documents (ID card and Passport). You are responsible to have your identity document with correct data.
Even a change of one letter in your personal data need to change the identity documents. In case you changed only your ID card you need to also change your Passport. You cannot have two documents with different data. This is illegal.


Is my ID Card Active for eFunctions?
All ID Cards produced and distributed from 2009-2013 need to be activated with eFunctions. 
All ID Cards produced and distributed during 2014 and after are already active with eFunctions by Aleat Sh.p.k.

Why Activate my ID Card?
Activation with eFunctions means to insert electronic certificates that will open your ID card for electronic services. Aleat calls the insertion process of the electronic certificates: Activation.

How to Activate my ID Card?
Activation process is only done by Aleat Sh.p.k who is certified by AKCE to provide electronic certificates in your ID card.
Got at your nearest Aleat Service Point and spend few minutes (varies 3 to 5 minutes) and ask the Operator to Activate your ID Card. The process of Activation will also renew your PIN code or let you place a secure PIN code. Operator will inform you for the benefits of eFunctions and the importance of PIN code security. Please store the Receipt at a secure place.

Where to Activate?
Activation is done in the Aleat Service Points. Please check the Google map where to go. 

How much does it cost to Activate my ID card with eFunctions?
Activation of your Albanian ID Card with eFunctions is Free. In other countries the Activation with Electronic Certificates costs and is for a limited time use (1-2 years). In Albania eFunctions in the ID Card are valid until the validity of the ID Card.

Can I activate my ID Card if it is deactivated?
If your ID card is deactivated with eFunctions, can no longer be activated. Deactivation is made once for good. This ID card is valid until the date of validity, but cannot be used with eFunctions.

How long I can use the eFunctions in my ID Card?
You can use the eFunctions in your ID Card until your ID Card is valid, up to the last date of validity. When your ID card expires, you can renew your ID Card and have the eFunctions again available.

What are the eFunctions that eALEAT Platform provides?
eALEAT Platform offers three main services and their combination:

Authentication Authentication & Data Eligibility (age check) Qualified Signature Authentication & Qualified Signature Authentication & Data & Qualified Signature


How safe is to leave my ID Card with other people?
Your ID Card is your Personal Identification document and as per Albanian Legislation you are asked to keep with you all time. In case you left your ID card with a family member, no one can use your ID Card electronically. Only if you also gave your PIN Code, you are responsible for any transaction. 

Forgot my PIN Code?
If you forgot your PIN Code and your ID card is not activated than you are asked to go at the nearest Aleat Service Point to activate your ID Card with eFunctions and renew your PIN code.
If your ID Card is activated and you forgot your PIN Code, you can renew your PIN Code with a PIN voucher payment and restore your eFunctions.

Blocked my PIN Code with many tries?
If you blocked your PIN code with many tries, please get a voucher and renew your PIN code.

Where to buy PIN voucher?
Not yet available. 

Cost of the PIN voucher?
Not yet available. 

Lost the Receipt?
If you lost the Receipt, you cannot deactivate by telephone, go at the Aleat Service Point and deactivate your ID card in person.

Lost my ID card?
If you lost your ID Card, and you have an activated eFunctions ID Card please deactivate your ID Card immediately. Go at your Police Station and declare your ID Card lost, get a Police Form.
If your ID card is not activated, go at your Police Station and declare your ID card lost with a Police Form.

Does Aleat knows my PIN code?
Aleat does not know your PIN code. Your PIN code is a four digit code that you placed in the keyboard, two times. Your ID Card is locked with this PIN code and data are encrypted for your own safety.

Who else know my PIN Code?
No one else knows your PIN Code, except you. Aleat does not know your PIN code. If you have written it somewhere and are made public to other people, make sure you keep it in a safe place. If you are afraid is not secure, go at your nearest Aleat Service Point and renew your PIN code.

How do I deactivate my ID card from eFunctions?

By telephone 24/7 if you have your secret numbers from your receipt. Please call the phone number in your receipt. By going to the Aleat Service Point, at your nearest comfort.

What eServices are available?
All eServices in Albania are available since 2014 by Aleat Platform. Please refer to the List of Private and Public Service Providers.

What is Authentication?
Authentication means to verify the ID card owner with the ID Card (match on card) through PIN code entry or biometric match. Match on card is the comparison of the data that are in the ID Card with the secure and unique PIN code which only the cardholder knows and uses or by biometry which means the fingerprint captured is the same with the fingerprint data stored in the ID Card.

What data are sent to the Service Provider (Public and Private)?
Data sent to Service Provider (Public and Private) can be one or more data that are printed in your ID Card, and that you provide consent to transfer them. No other personal data are transferred to the Service Provider. When you provide your consent to transfer the data to the Service Provider, he is responsible for their usage and protection of personal data.

What is Electronic Signature?
ID Card Owner can electronically sign electronic documents through the Signature Certificate that is stored during the Activation process of the ID Card. Signature Certificate in the ID card signs the document by encrypting it with the personal codes coming from the ID Card Signature Certificate.

Is my electronic signed document valid in Albania and abroad?
Aleat offers Qualified Signature Service through your ID Card, by using the Signing Certificate in your ID Card and as per Albanian law about Electronic Certificates, document signed electronically is valid in the same way as a handwritten signed document. Check AKCE website. 

Where do I store a copy of the electronic document?
At the moment of signing a document electronically, you will be asked to download a copy of the signed PDF document. You can download and store a copy in your PC. As well it is possible to have a copy sent to your private email with My eALEAT account.

Where can I check that my document is signed digitally?
At the PDF signed document you can check the attributes and you will see the authority signing this document.