ID Card Activation

Activation - How to Activate my ID Card (Subscriber Agreement)

Activate your ID Card

In order to use eALEAT online Government and Private Businesses Services and Applications, the ID Cardholder needs to activate his own ID Card.  Aleat offers the process of ID Card activation all over Albania in Aleat Service Points located at any CSO of each Municipality and Administrative Unit. Albanian ID Card Activation takes place in all Aleat Service Points throughout Albania. Link to Map.

Subscriber Agreement

A Subscriber Agreement also referred as “Terms and Conditions of Authentication Certificate and Qualified Signature Certificate” was developed during January 2014. In that regard, Aleat has reviewed the Subscriber Agreement in the presence of the Aleat lawyers and has officially requested the assistance to National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (NAECCS) in finalizing this document. 

Agreed Subscriber Agreement referred as Version 2.5 can be downloaded here: 

pdf-image Download Subscriber Agreement. 


ID-Card Activation Process (Issuance of Qualified Certificates)

  • ID-Cards issued in 2014 - ID Cards are already activated 
  • ID-Cards issued before 2014 - Activation of ID Card in Aleat Offices
  • The ID-Card Activation has no cost for the Citizen 


Figure 1: ID Card Activation Process in Aleat Service Points

ID Card Activation (For certificate management): 

  • The certificates will be installed on the card 
  • The retry counters for PIN and Biometric will be reset 




Figure 2: ID Card Activation Process in Aleat Service Points

At a government institution helpdesk or private business website the cardholder will need to enter a four digit number PIN code or biometry matching on their website or at a counter in an office. 

If you forgot your PIN code, don’t worry, you can reset it for free during the activation process in the Aleat Service Point. 

To use eALEAT Identity Services, Aleat will launch eALEAT trusted and secured devices such as qualified card readers and Morpho Tablet powered by IDEMIA in France.


Rules - Important Rules to know 

eID Card works with biometry (fingerprint matcher and PIN Code)

Just like a bank card, your eALEAT ID Services works with a PIN code.

Choose your own PIN code – 4 digits

When you collect your Albanian ID Card or when you activate for eID, it is recommended that you change your PIN code to a combination of numbers you can easily remember. When choosing your new PIN code you are limited to four numbers.

Important! Your PIN code is personal. Therefore, do not choose an obvious combination of numbers such as your date or year of birth. Keep your code secret at all times! If someone else knows your PIN code, they could use your card and perform transactions in your name. 

Forgotten your PIN code?

If your ID Card is not activated for eID Services please go at the nearest Aleat Service point to activate it. 

If your ID card is activated for eID services please go at the nearest Aleat Service point to change your PIN Code or to deactivate it as soon as possible. 


Remember these rules:

  • Keep your PIN safe, not in the same place with your ID card!
  • Never give your ID card to anybody!
  • Nobody will ever ask you the PIN code, also Aleat staff will never ask for this PIN!
  • You only enter the PIN on terminals when asked by personnel!
  • If you lose your card, you need to deactivate (Revocation) your eID Functions!
  • Keep the Receipt (De-activation Information) from your Enrolment Form!
  • When you revoke your eID Functions, your card is still valid, but cannot be used in eServices anymore. You will need a new ID card (new enrolment). The deactivation cannot be reversed! 
  • If something is not correct on your ID data, or if for example you change the name because of marriage, etc, you need to take a new card. You are responsible that your data are always correct!


Where to Activate

Albanian ID Card Activation takes place in all Aleat Service Points throughout Albania.