ID Card De-Activation

What is revocation

ID Card De-Activation means the deactivation of the eID Functions of the ID Card. ID Card is still valid until its date of expiry but the electronic services cannot be used anymore. 

What is deactivation 

Deactivation is Revocation because of loss, theft of the card or damage or if you are not sure that maybe someone else has your PIN code?

List of Revoked ID Cards is public in this website as a requirement for Aleat Sh.p.k. for being a Certification Service Provider (CSP). Revocation process and methodology can be traced in order to review its accuracy and give the exact time of invalidated ID card Certificate. 

*All lists of ID cards revoked will be updated in the CRL published list in Aleat website on the next working day (CRL=Certificate Revocation List). Please check section CRL

Revocation is the process that terminates ONLY the CERTIFICATE and eServices in the ID card validity if the card is lost or returned by the citizen. 

Revocation reason = LOST CARD or STOLEN

ID card is still valid after the revocation of the certificates. ID card is valid until the validity of the ID card and will not be able to be used for electronic eFunctions.

Revocation is explained in detail at Point 13 at the Subscriber Agreement as following: 

Aleat shall immediately revoke the Certificates when 

  1. the ID Card is revoked 
  2. the cardholder requests revocation of the Certificates
  3. the Certificates are issued based on false data 
  4. Aleat ceases its activity and such activity is not transferred to other entities offering authentication and certification services 
  5. the National Authority for Electronic Certification orders revocation of the Certificates. 


In addition, the cardholder acknowledges that the competent Albanian authorities can revoke the ID Card and the Certificates at any time in case an official doubt on the identity of the person exists or is under investigation. In the case Aleat is revoking the Certificates and the ID Card upon request and on behalf of the Albanian competent authorities, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to contact the responsible authority to solve the claim or the related issues. Aleat shall bear no responsibility for any revocation of ID Card and Certificates requested by the Albanian authorities. 


How to revoke

Reasons & Results for ID Card Revocation from eServices:

Citizens can revoke (de-activate) their ID card from the electronic functions, in the following ways:

  • By phone 24/7 (if you have the copy of the receipt) - See Figure 1: Receipt Enrolment Form.
  • In an Aleat Service Point (nearest CSO at your Municipality/Commune) during working hours. Please refer to this Map with for activation and deactivation. 


Figure 1: Enrolment Form (V2.4) – Receipt for Revocation (24/7)


 The Citizen lost the ID card and wants to revoke it

  • By telephone24/7: The Citizens calls the Aleat Revocation number +355 69 4050 500 + Receipt

Aleat Sh.p.k provides a Revocation Aleat Telephone number and process for all citizens to call the number and revoke their ID card. The telephone number is always in service and available 24 hours in 7 days.

Figure 2: ID Card Revocation by Aleat Telephone Line (24/7)


  • Citizen is the Owner of the Lost ID Card
  • Citizen Identification 
  1. The Citizen and the ID card certificate he wants to revoke is identified by an Operator or by an automatic answering System. 
  2. Citizen needs to prove his identity by giving personal data information and have Revocation Information coming from the Aleat system (Enrolment Form Number/ Certificate Management Transaction Number). 
  3. If correct information not available, the revocation by phone is not possible and the citizen has to go to an Aleat service point during normal office hours. 
  • Certificate Revocation 
  1. After verification of the ID Card Holder and Enrolment number the Operator or automatic answering system revokes automatically the certificates.


By going to Aleat Service Point: The Citizens visits Aleat Service Point during normal working hours.


Figure 3: ID Card Revocation in Aleat Service Point (CSO)


ID Card Revocation at Aleat Service Point for ID Card Replacement

ID card change because of change in personal data or ID card is physically damaged.

  • Citizen in Person in Aleat Office>
  1. The Citizen shows in the Aleat Enrolment office and is requesting an ID Card Replacement (change of ID card). 
  2. Citizen must have ID card in the moment of reenrollment. 
  • Operator Identifies the Person 
  1. The Operator identifies the Person by the Photo shown on the ID card. 
  2. The operator asks for an ID card voucher for a new card enrolment.
  • ID Card invalidation
  1. The Operator punches the contact chip of the ID card (to avoid further use of the certificate on the ID card).


ID Card Revocation at Aleat Service Point for Lost/Stolen ID Card Citizen has Police Report)

In case ID card is Lost or Stolen – Police Report original is mandatory to replace ID card.

  • Citizen in Person in Aleat Office
  1. The Citizen shows in the Aleat Enrolment office and is requesting an ID Card Replacement (Lost of ID card).
  2. Citizen must have an Original Police Report declaring previous ID card lost.
  • Operator Identifies the Person 
  1. The Operator identifies the Person by asks for the Citizen NID & Date of Birth to call the record in the Certificate Management.
  2. The Operator identifies the Person by the Photo shown on the screen; by a Passport given from the Citizen and/or by asking the date of Birth & place of birth. 
  3. The operator asks for an ID card voucher for a new card enrolment.
  • Certificate Revocation 
  1. After successful Identification, the Operator revokes the Certificate and prints a receipt in two copies: for the Citizen & Aleat (One A4 Paper cut into 2 A5).
  2. Revocation Receipt is signed by the Citizen and Operator (with Stamp).