news3 Welcome to “Innovation Week” 10 - 16 May 2014

Innovation Week” organized by the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration on the third week of May 2014, welcomed and presented eALEAT Identity Services from Aleat Shpk.
Innovation Week presented lots of other innovative projects and ideas. It was officially opened on 10th of May 2014 by the Minister Mrs. Milena HARITO at the International Tirana Hotel and was successfully closed in an event in National Museum in Tirana, Albania.

staf1 The Albanian ID Card and Biometric Passport – Our Success Story

Albania was suffering for secure documents and Albanians had difficulty to travel abroad. Borders were closed, visa processes were long and only a selection of people would travel outside Albania. Government was fighting major corruption cases for false documents and this was an issue to be avoided for the best of country’s integration in European Union.