User Experience Event with NRC/QKR Clients 03-05 June 2015

Aleat launched the Event “User Experience” in collaboration with National Registration Center (NRC/QKR), which will last from 03-05 June 2015, at Protik Center premises.

The purpose of this event is to test and demonstrate eALEAT services (trusted authentication and electronic signature) on NRC procedures for businesses by using practical examples through the unique government portal e-Albania (

Businesses from private sector are invited to participate at this event in order to be informed about the facilities that eALEAT services offer, by using ID Card for authentication and electronic signature.

As a result of usage of eALEAT services, businesses are looking forward to the digitalized procedures that one business has to follow up in order to register at NRC, to download their extract for the use of procurements, to declare online their financial balance and a lot of other services that were supposed to require the individuals to be present at NRC offices. 

In order to illustrate how eALEAT services facilitate the usage of NRC services, Aleat distributed free PINpad Card Readers to all the participants and an Aleat operator performed the activation of their ID Card.