Closing of “User Experience” Event with NRC/QKR Clients - 03-11 June 2015

Aleat closed the “User Experience” Event, organized in collaboration with National Registration Center (NRC/QKR), which took place at Protik Center Laboratory, from 03-11 June, 2015.

The scope of these sessions was the introduction of the new electronic services launched by NRC/QKR, through governmental portal eAlbania, which will be also accessible by using eALEAT services and the proper Aleat devices (Card Readers).

Aleat, in collaboration with NRC/QKR, handled five sessions, with the participation of 82 businesses invited by NRC/QKR. The focus of these sessions was the presentation of eALEAT services to all the participants, followed by the test of NRC/QKR services live, offered for all the businesses registered at this institution.

During these sessions, there were distributed a total number of 74 PIN Pad Card Readers, which read the ID Card and work by inserting PIN code . Through these devices it is possible to authenticate and sign electronically.

Through an Aleat operator, there were activated a total number of 56 activations of ID Cards.

Within the context of collaborating with NRC/QKR, in order to increase the efficiency and the usage of NRC/QKR services, starting from Monday Aleat will install a workstation for all the individuals who want to activate their ID Cards.