The “Clean Score“ Project For Transparency Of Student - 06 June 2016

It has just been launched the cooperation between Albanian American Development Found, Ministry of Education and Sports, Rector of the University of Tirana and the European University of Tirana for the start of the "Clean Score" Project on June the 6th 2016 in the premises of the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana.

The purpose of this Project is focused both on the automatic transparent assessment of students exams and on teaching by modern modules approved and adopted in Albanian language.

Part of the project is the secure identification of students through biometric ID Card, where within 2.5 years of the lasting project, will be electronically identified around 2000 students through the biometric ID Card. Students identification through Biometric ID Card will be registered on the system and will be performed in real time online via eALEAT Platform.

This project includes 10 international standards books; electronic testing questions for 15 subjects at two universities, public and private, and the usage of CleanScore technology for assessment of student’s exams.