4 Embassies and 2 Consulates of the Republic of Albania in Europe – 2021

During the month January - February 2021, Aleat Company in collaboration with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affair and Ministry of Interior has finished successfully the opening of the application offices in 4 Embassies and 2 Consulates of the Albanian Republic in Europe.

  1. Albanian Consulate in Istanbul – Application Process started on 14th, January 2021
  2. Albanian Consulate in Bari – Application Process started on 15th, January 2021
  3. Albanian Embassy in Vienna – Application Process  started on 21st, January 2021
  4. Albanian Embassy in Stockholm –Application Process started on 2nd, February 2021
  5. Albanian Embassy in Paris – Application Process started on 3rd, February 2021
  6. Albanian Embassy in Berlin – Application Process started on 4th, February 2021

At this moment, the service of equipment with the biometric documents for the Albanian citizens is available in 8 Embassies and 6 Consulates listed below;

  1. Albanian Embassy in Athens
  2. Albanian Consulate in Thessaloniki
  3. Albanian Embassy in Rome
  4. Albanian Consulate in Milan
  5. Albanian Consulate in Bari
  6. Albanian Embassy in Brussels
  7. Albanian Embassy in London
  8. Albanian Embassy in Berlin
  9. Albanian Consulate in Munich
  10. Albanian Embassy in Paris
  11.  Albanian Embassy in Stockholm 
  12. Albanian Embassy in Vienna
  13. Albanian Consulate in New York
  14. Albanian Consulate in Istanbul


Konsullata Shqiptare në Stamboll
 Fig 01 – Albanian Consulate in Istanbul


Fig 02 – Konsullata Shqiptare në Bari
Fig 02 – Albanian Consulate in Bari


Fig.03 – Ambasada Shqiptare në Vjene
Fig.03 – Albanian Embassy in Vienna


Fig.04 – Ambasada Shqiptare në Stokholm
Fig.04 – Albanian Embassy in Stockholm


Fig 05 – Ambasada Shqiptare në Paris
Fig 05 – Albanian Embassy in Paris


Fig. 06 – Konsullata Shqiptare në Berlin
Fig. 06 – Albanian Embassy in Berlin