Use of eALEAT

Card Readers Home & Business (For Home User: Basic & Secure PIN - For Businesses: Biometric. on counter, MTAB)

A computer, a card reader, obviously your Albanian electronic identity (eID) and the associated PIN code or fingerprints, this is all you need to take full advantage of the possibilities of your eID.

To be able to start using your electronic identity card, you will need a card reader. The card reader allows the computer to communicate with the microchip in your ID Card.

On the following information you will find:

  • what card readers are suitable for you and your business;
  • with which operating systems you can use your eID;
  • how to download and install the Card Reader;
  • why your PIN code is important and how to get it;
  • where to find card readers.

At home, office or in a shop counter eALEAT Identity Services can be accessed through card readers that can read the chip of the ID Card. eServices are used with trusted eALEAT Card Readers. Such devices Aleat company will provide in the Albanian market at your nearest Vodafone shop.

There are various types of card reader:

  • The most common type is a simple card reader connected to your computer via a USB port. This type of card reader has no keypad or screen, since you enter your PIN code using your computer’s keyboard. You can buy this type of eALEAT card reader in Vodafone Shops. Always check that the card reader you wish to buy is suitable for use with the Albanian eID.
  • Businesses and retailers generally choose a card reader with its own keypad and/or screen. This type of card reader is more expensive, since it has a ‘PIN pad’ – its own keypad for entering the PIN code.
  • For laptops there are card readers that are completely built into the computer. Please check if your card reader is suitable for use with the Albanian eID.
  • There are also other mobile devices such as tablets in which the card reader is built into the device. The PIN code or Fingerprint Match can be entered securely via the screen.


eALEAT Qualified Card Readers in Albania

  • For Home User:
  • basic


                                                             Picture 1: Home - Basic Card Reader   



           Picture 2: Home – Pin Secure Card Reader             


  • For Businesses:

Picture 3: Business - Biometric Card Reader   


Picture 4: Business – MTAB Morpho Tablet Android Card Reader


Where can I buy the card readers

eALEAT Card Readers are sold in Vodafone shops in Albania. Please view here the Google Map with Vodafone shops where to buy eALEAT Card Readers.


Picture 5: Packaged eALEAT Card Readers – Ready for SALE 


Technical Help how to install it

At any Vodafone shop, the sale person is trained and will explain how to install the Card Reader. Please refer to the User Documentation inside the Card Reader Package.

Please read carefully a downloadable file here. 


pdf-image Card Reader Basic User Documentation

pdf-image2 Card Reader PIN Securer Documentation

pdf-image3 MSO User Documentation

zip1-image Driver for Pinpad Readers 64bit

zip-image2 Driver for Pinpad Readers 32bit

zip-image3 Driver for MSO 64bit

zip-image4 Driver for MSO 32bit


Browsers and Operating System Compatible with eALEAT Services:

Currently eALEAT Services work with Windows XP and Windows 7+ Operation Systems and the following browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). Please consult this section for more information on actual updates.

  • Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 67.0
  • Google Chrome 85.0.4183.102


How it works?

eALEAT Basic Card Reader is easy to install in any PC or personal computer. No need for additional drivers, just connect the USB cable into the PC/laptop and it will be able to work with eALEAT Platform.

Plug IN USB Card Reader Insert ID card into Card Reader

basic install en

Picture 6: Plug In USB Card Reader      

sec install en

  Picture 7: Plug in ID card into Card Reader



Test your Card reader and the eALEAT Services at the section of Card Reader. This card reader will read the chip of the Albanian ID Smart Card. Please refer to the picture shown above to see what side to insert the ID Card.


Product Warranty:

Aleat Sh.p.k. gives warranty 6 months from purchase date as per receipt. Please keep the receipt and present the product together with the receipt, if you have any issues present it at the Vodafone shop where it was purchased.