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Aleat in Albania
Aleat is present in Albania in 109 Service Points (83 Municipality/Administrative Unit Offices, 1 MEFA, 25 offices in Police Directories of the cities). (See the Map)

Municipalities / Administrative Units
In Albania, there are 83 Offices located in Municipalities and Administrative Units of Albania. Aleat Service Points perform different services such as Enrolment of Electronic ID Cards and Biometric Passports; Distribution of Electronic ID Cards, provider of Electronic Certificates in ID Cards known as ID Card Activation, revocation of Electronic Certificates and change of Code PIN of Electronic ID Cards.
Extra Services that are offered for the citizens like ID Card Activation by inserting Electronic Certificates, change of Pin Code of Electronic ID Card and the revocation of Electronic Certificates are offered in all Albanian Service Points.
Card Readers
Authorized Sale Shops for ID Card Readers for online services (See the Map)
Police Stations
Aleat Services points dedicated to Distribution of Passports are located in the Police Stations of the cities. Currently there are 25 Service Points in all Albania.
Diplomatic Service
A dedicated Service point in Albania is to provide service to Albanian Diplomatic Troops to provide Diplomatic Passports and Service Passports. The Aleat Service Point is located in Ministry For Europe And Foreign Affairs and it provides Enrolment and Distribution of Diplomatic and Service Passports.
Central Office
Aleat Central Office is located in Tirana where the personalization of biometric documents is performed.
Aleat in Embassies / Consulates
Aleat is present in the world to serve Albanian citizens with Identity documents (Enrolment & Distribution of Electronic ID Card and Biometric Passport) through the help of Ministry For Europe And Foreign Affairs, serving in Albanian Embassies and Consulates with a high concentration of Albanian citizens.
The service to provide identity documents is present in the Embassies and Consulates of 10 Countries (Greece, Italy, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Sweden, Turkey and USA) in a total of 14 Offices.
Service Point Offices in Embassies and Consulates are the following:

Service Point Offices in Embassies